School Rules& Discipline:

1.) All the students must appear for the quarterly test ans annual examination.

2.) Promotion will be given on the basis of the tests and Annual examination.

3.) Students must come properly dressed in the school uniform.

4.) Students must take care of their school bags and other possession. Nobody will be

     responsible for any loss.

  5.) Students must attend the school regularly and punctually.

  6.) Students should keep their vehicles (Cycles & Scooters) properly locked and be placed at the Cycle stand.

  7.) They should behave properly in the class and outside the school as well.

  8.) Students must show proper respect for the principal and the staff.

  9.) Special action will be taken if a student damages the school property.

10.) Good manners, habits, obedience, discipline, neatness and punctuality are required at all time.

11.) Misbehavior, disobedience, irregularity, negligence of work justify expulsion from the school.

12.) Students are required to attend all the school functions.